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The snow is flying and resorts are opening across the country this week. Are you and your family ready to hit the trails and be warm and comfortable? Here are a few things that you must have to make your day on the snow more enjoyable. You will need a lightweight warm pair of gloves. Normal downhill ski gloves are too bulky for nordic skiing and will not feel good in your pole straps. Here are a few gloves we suggest. Available in adult and youth.   Maxiglide is the best easy apply ski wax for the recreational skier. Great...

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Warm comfortable feet is the difference between an epic day on the slope and a miserable experience. How do you ensure your feet will be warm and comfortable? The answer may seem counterintuitive... thin ski socks. Yes, thin ski socks! Your thick ski socks will collect sweat and hold moisture close to your foot. That layer of moisture will get cold and cause your feet to get cold and make you feel like your toes will fall off. On the other hand, a thin sock will wick moisture away from your feet into the boot liner and keep your feet warmer...

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