Why Choose Alpaca Socks for Hiking- Top 10 reasons

Why Choose Alpaca Socks for Hiking- Top 10 reasons

Spring is almost here! Wow, what a winter it has been for much of the country. All that rain and snow will produce some amazing sights as we get outdoors and explore. The hiking trails will be exploding with color! Time to evaluate the gear you have for your adventure! Here is our TOP 10 Reasons to wear Alpaca Socks while hiking!alpaca hiking socks padded foot


  1. Alpaca socks will be the softest socks you have ever put on your feet.
  2. The naturally hollow fiber will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer! (Remember the Alpaca Live in the Andes under both extreme heat and cold)
  3. They wick moisture from your feet. Dry feet prevents blisters and foot fungus!
  4. No foul foot odor! The antimicrobial characteristics of the fiber keep foot odor at bay, even when worn many days in a row on the trail without washing.!
  5. No itch! Alpaca doesn't contain lanolin, so they are hypoallergenic and don't cause itchy feet.
  6. Durable! Alpaca socks can endure miles and miles on the hiking trail without signs of wear. The fiber holds it shape very well. 
  7. Great for all temperature conditions! 
  8. Better for the environment. The alpaca fiber is naturally soft, so it take no harsh chemicals or extra processing to make these the softest socks you will find.
  9. Lighter weight. The hollow fiber makes the socks lighter when compared side by side with socks made with other material.
  10. There is a style and design for everyone! Alpaca socks come in ankle length, crew, boot and knee high. The weight range from thin casual wear socks to heavy expedition weight socks. They come in colors and designs to fit anyone's style- plain black to flashy colors.

Your feet are doing all the work on the trails you enjoy, why not treat them to some comfort on the journey!


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