Why are my waxless XC skis gathering clumps of snow?

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Why are my waxless XC skis gathering clumps of snow?

Most recreational skiers prefer to ski in the warmer sunnier spring conditions. No fuss of hot wax, just grab the waxless fish scale skis and hit the snow. Only one problem, waxless mean wax less, not never wax. Like waxable skis, waxless skis require maintenance. Waxless ski bases can dry out causing the base to oxidize and absorb dirt. Dirty oxidized skis are slower and harder to turn, creating more work for the skier. When the snow begins to warm up those pretty snow crystal melt and begin to stick together and form clumps of snow on you ski base. It is quite miserable to be skiing along and all of the sudden be thrown in a lurch forward because your skis have accumulated snow and bring you to a shocking halt.


The best solution we have found is Maxiglide XC. Other have tired to match their products, but for 30 years this product has been the industry leader in XC wax for waxless skis. It is so easy to use. Swipe the applicator sponge up and down each ski and your off and skiing again. Easy to apply and eco friendly. All the ingredients are non toxic and will not damage your skis or the beautiful environment you are out to enjoy!

Happy Spring Skiing!


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