Why Are Merino Wool Socks Great For Hiking?

Why Are Merino Wool Socks Great For Hiking?

Find your favorite color and style merino wool socks and hit the trails for a great day with happy feet. You don't have to have boring utilitarian wool socks any more. In today's market you can find any style and color merino wool socks. Padded, thin, thick, arch supported, plain colors, vibrant colors, tall, short, crew, quarter and everything in between. One thing I have learned from having a sock shop... everyone has their own idea of what features the perfect hiking sock has. The thing all agree on is wool is key to comfortable feet. I have compiled a list of why most people choose merino wool when they are look for hiking socks.

  1. Keeps feet dry- thus preventing blisters 
  2. Naturally antibacterial- keep that foot odor away, require less washing
  3. Natural temperature regulator.- Prevents overheated feet in the summer
  4. Soft fibers- cozy on your feet.

Pick your favorite socks and get outside and enjoy the adventure.


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