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Top Choice Ski Socks

Alpaca ski socks are the latest hot ticket item. If you want your feet to stay warm and comfortable in your boots you have to try the alpaca ski socks. No one ever had a great day on the snow with cold feet. The nature of the alpaca fiber keeps the warmth in close to your feet and wicks the moisture away from your feet into the boot liner. Below are 3 different and great alpaca ski sock options.

Alpaca Bootfitter Ski Socks



 The boot fitter sock is a thin ski sock. This sock has a band in the arch and a breathable top. It is the same thickness throughout the whole sock. These are wonderful for people who like their boots snug and don't have room for a thick bulky ski sock. They also give you great feel in your boots, so you have ultimate control of you skis. The alpaca boot fitter socks are a favorite for alpine racers. Give yourself an advantage getting down the hill fast. 




ultimate alpaca ski socks

    Alpaca Tech Ski Socks

This is the ultimate in softness for ski socks. The alpaca tech ski socks has strategically placed cushioning in the heal and foot bed. A thin layer of cushioning on the shin and the rest of the sock is a nice light breathable knit. This socks is a favorite for recreational downhill skiers, cross country skiers, snowshoers. You will love the feel of these on your feet and the warmth they provide to you feet.




Great alpaca socks for ski patrol snow mobile skier


Alpaca Ski Sock - Burke

Over the past several years we have helped  bring this fine fiber to the ski world. These socks keep feet warm and dry. Theyre used by ski patrols, competitive skiers people that have just plain cold feet. They work by keeping feet dry. 
The Burke Alpaca Ski sock is one of our favorites. It is a midweight sock consistent thickness all the way through the sock. This socks will rival any of its merino wool ski socks competitors. Once you wear this sock you will never want to wear merino wool ski socks again. The added arch support keeps the sock snug to your foot to help prevent foot fatigue and trap warmth close to you foot. 
Alpaca ski socks are the most comfortable and best socks for snow! Get yours today and grab a pair for your favorite skier, snowboarder or ski patrol!  


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