Pocket Knot - The Ultimate Knot Alternative

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Pocket Knot - The Ultimate Knot Alternative

Pocket knot the best knot alternative, cord reducer, line tensioner for sale

Forgot your scouting knot tying skills? Feel like you work so hard to get your knot super tight only to find slack in your line? Want the easy way out when it comes to tying knots?

We have the easiest and most innovative solution for you! The Pocket knot, line tensioner, cord reducer and knot alternative. Simple to use, cost effective and aggravation free! Watch video here.

The Pocket–Knot is an innovative, unique, and straight forward device with impressive multifunction capabilities. It excels in it’s ability as one of the quickest and easiest cord, rope, or line tensioners. The Pocket Knot makes quick work of adjusting or removing slack from any existing cord, rope, or line (within its diameter limits).
The Pocket Knot is a perfect combination of “quick and easy”. The only thing quicker and easier than using the Pocket Knot to secure something is how quick and easy it is to undo. If, like myself, you are not an expert in the art of tying or untying knots, it can become frustrating. Its most often a very simple process to tie a knot to secure an object or to remove slack in a length of cord or rope. The aggravation begins when that knot needs to be removed. This is where the Pocket Knot really shines. It takes less time to remove the Pocket Knot, with no damage to the material, than it does to install it, and Installation is only a matter of seconds.


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