Making Your Camping Trip Easier With These Line Tensioners

Making Your Camping Trip Easier With These Line Tensioners

Though I believe it is always useful to know how to tie different knots for backpacking and camping, there is sometimes no substitute for the speed and convenience of these little gadgets. They weigh almost nothing, so you could easily throw a few in with your camping or hiking gear along with some tent cord, paracord, or small diameter rope. I have actually just added these to the guy lines of my backpacking tarps, hammock tents, and standard tents for easy use.

A few reason you want to use line tensioning products like the Pocket Knot, Brummel Hook and Paracord Cleat.

1. Help your rainfly function properly.

Condensation normally collects on the underside of a rain fly, especially in wet, damp and cool weather. Condensation can find its way inside the tent If the rain fly sags against the (non-waterproof) tent body.

To prevent the condensation from getting in and wetting you and your gear attach guy lines to the loops around the bottom of the tent's rain fly and tension the fly away from the tent body, edges, and corners. Any well-designed tent will feature guy line loops around the base of the rain fly and midway up the fly along the pole seams to allow you to tension the rain fly away. Check the tautness of your rain fly from time to time, fabrics such as silnylon tend to sag as they cool.

2.  Keep your camping clothesline from sagging.

It seems every camper hangs a rope from tree to tree in their campsite to dry their towels and clothes. Many times the knots created around the trees leave slack in the line and over the time the line really starts to sag. The Pocket Knot is a great solution for this, it is as simple as putting on in the line as you tie your knot and then easily adjust the tension as needed.


No scouting knots required to use these easy line tensioner! 








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