Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks

When choosing a hiking socks there are a few things to take into consideration. Will you just go for a casual short walk? Will you go for a long difficult hike? Will you be on the trail for many days on a backpacking outing? Will the weather be dry or wet?  Here are some options for those hiking conditions.

  • Lightweight Hiking or Backpacking socks - These stress the moisture wicking qualities. These are most comfortable in warm conditions and easy hikes. The lightweight hiking socks has less padding on the bottom of the foot. For longer more challenging hikes you will want more padding on the bottom of the foot.
  • Midweight Hiking socks -Provide a bit more warmth in cooler conditions. Many models have extra padding built into high-impact areas like the heel and the ball of the foot. The padding will help prevent sore feet on trails.
  • Expedition weight - is a thicker sock all together. This will keep you feet warm and cushioned on long cool hikes.

You will also want to consider the material the socks are make from. There are a variety of wools and wool blends, cottons and cotton blends and synthetic blend socks to choose from on for your outdoor sock needs.

  • Alpaca socks are our top choice. The Alpaca sock provides luxury comfort on your foot while you are roughing it on the trail. The alpaca hiking socks has the best breathable and moisture wicking properties to keep your feet dry and prevents blistering. Best of all with alpaca fiber hiking socks your feet will not stick after along day on the trail. Most durable alpaca hiking socks are not 100% alpaca, but a nice blend of alpaca and other materials for comfort and durability.
  • Merino wool hiking socks are another  option. Merino socks do a good job of keeping feet dry and wicking moisture away from feet as well. The merino hiking socks usually have some antimicrobial properties that keep odors away.
  • Cotton socks are not recommended for hiking. They can be soft and comfortable, but they do not keep your feet dry. You are likely to develop blisters, have wet feet and be uncomfortable an the trail.

Make sure when choosing a sock it fits well, not loose. You don't want your feet swimming around in your socks. The loose sock will cause friction on your feet and leave you with blisters and other irritations. 

Choose the right hiking socks and get outdoor and enjoy the adventure.



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