Get the Right Fit with Your Socks

Get the Right Fit with Your Socks

Sock Fitting Tips

Here are some quick tips on choosing the best fitting sock:

  1. Each weight classification varies in features and design from manufacturer to manufacturer, so try on a few different brands in the same weight class to find the best fit for your foot.

  2. When trying on socks look for a snug, but not tight fit. The material shouldn't pull too tight or be baggy in any area of the foot.

  3. Buy socks in various colors so you can change from worn to dry socks on long hikes as needed. Having the color variations will make it easy to distinguish your dry socks from your damp hiked in socks.

  4. Check washing instructions, as high maintenance ones may not suit you. Most socks are now wool blends and can be machine washed and dried without issues.

  5. Purchase a range of sock weights. In most cases a few light- and midweight hikers will do fine, and one or two heavyweights may be necessary if you plan to hit difficult terrain or cold conditions.

Quality socks are just as important as proper fitting hiking boots to ensure comfort on the trails. When compared to cotton sport socks, hiking socks may seem a little expensive but it's a small price to pay for reducing blisters and providing proper cushioning. You also don't need to be hiking to wear them. I find I wear light hikers on autumn urban walks, don mid-weights on cool mornings in my fishing boat, and use a pair of heavyweights in my snowboarding boots.  Treat your feet well and buy high quality socks for all your outdoor adventures. 


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