Gear for your Outdoor Adventure In Stock

Gear for your Outdoor Adventure In Stock

Gear Up

When ever you head out for a hike or backpacking trip you should always have good gear.  Make sure you have moisture wicking clothing and socks. Merino wool and alpaca fiber socks and clothes can keep you dry and prevent a chill when the sun goes down. Have a great hydration backpack, that allows for plenty of water and storage space for your extra gear.

Stay Safe

Even if you think you will be back to the parking lot or settled in camp by dark, you should always have a light source and a way to make fire. Take your own fire making kit or pack little bag of EZ Lite Fire starter for the trail. Always travel with a whistle. If you get off cause you may need it to draw attention to help.


Be An Informed 

Before you venture out on the trial, check the weather conditions. You may need to pack rain gear to stay dry. Also be aware of any unusual animal sighting on the trails. From time to time there may be warnings to stay out of stream and lakes along your journey. 


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