BoatGuard SPF-50 is the new American winner in the boat category.

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BoatGuard SPF-50 is the new American winner in the boat category.


Unmatched in ease of application, cost value and performance! Must have for all boaters! And amazingly useful on all fiberglass surfaces. Instant restoration like you have never seen before. 

This amazing polymer coating provides unmatched GLOSS, deep UV PROTECTION, seals surface with its micro-particle barrier, preventing staining and oxidation.  

Application is Quick & Easy either by hand or with buffer. Just wipe on. No drying time needed.

            No compounding needed.

Apply once a year to keep new boats looking new.

Oxidized or hazy surfaces instantly restored to like new. (The image below shows an old hot tub, on the left it the after boat guard was applied and the right shows the before. Entire job completed  in 10 minutes.) Perfect for old bumpers and running boards. Restores natural color in minutes.

      • before and after restoration of hot tub with boat guard      1990's running board and bumper quick and easy restoration
    • For use on any fiberglass surface for instant restoration….RV's, campers, hot tubs, air planes and more.  Does not contain solvents and produces no fumes or VOCs.


      1. Restores fiberglass surfaces faster and with less effort than any other product on the market today!
      2. Provides maximum UV Protection and Glossy shine.
      3. Prevents staining and oxidation.
      4. Leaves no hazy powdery residue.  No cleaner waxes or compounds ever needed.
      5. Entire 30 foot boat hull can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

      Available on, In our retail shop in Bend, Oregon or in out Amazon Store. 


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