Berry Season Is Bear Season

Berry Season Is Bear Season

If you are heading into the wilderness this summer, be prepared. July is the busiest outdoor season in America, it also happens to be berry season. If you are traveling into bear country you need to be very aware. We just returned from Glacier National Park, every trail we hiked we saw signs warning of bear activity. The docent in one of the lodges warned us to not go hiking without bear spray. We hadn't prepared for this before we drove into the park. Bear spray in the National Parks is $50 a can. I suggest you grab a can before you leave town and save yourself enough money to buy huckleberry ice cream. 

Bears in Glacier National Park

We did discover there is little need to fear a bear encounter if you are on a well traveled trail. Don't let your fear of a bear keep you from exploring the beauty of our National Parks. Be prepared. Here is a list of what we learned to be safe.

  • Carry bear spray.
  • Stay on well traveled hikes.
  • Make plenty of noise.
  • Sing
  • Talk
  • Clap
  • Wear a Bear Bell
  • Ask people who you pass on the trail what wild life they saw.

We enjoyed some beautiful hikes, and were nervous about bumping into a bear. We hiked well traveled paths and never saw more than a chipmunk. Our only bear sighting was along the road as we were leaving the park and we were in the car. That was the best place to encounter a bear! 

Be bear aware and go out and enjoy the trails!




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