Balloons Over Bend

Balloons Over Bend

Summer in Bend, Oregon is a vacationers dream. There are so many unique and fun events. On favorite of locals and out of towners, is the Balloons Over Bend. This year the event will be July 20-30th.  You can rise early and watch the balloons fill and float off for the day. One of the fun activities is going to the night glow down at River Bend Park.

Here is a schedule for this years event.

July 28-31, 2017- Morning balloon launch at sunrise. - R.E. Jewell Elementary School

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Saturday July 29 -Morning balloon launch at sunrise. - R.E. Jewell Elementary School

Night Glow:
July 28 in Bend & July 29 at Sunriver Resort at Dusk
Visitors also are invited to Riverbend Park at dusk to watch the night-time balloon glow. Balloon crews inflate the orbs, which are tethered to the ground, but take on a life of their own when the pilot pulls on the propane lever. In the darkening summer evening, the balloons light up bigger than life. Illuminated hot air balloons make for a spectacular sight like nothing else. The evening balloon glows will thrill folks of all ages. On July 29 the evening balloon glow moves down to the Sunriver Resort south of Bend.



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