Backpacker Checklist - Print out and Check it Off

Backpacker Checklist - Print out and Check it Off

So many times we head out for adventure and make a trip to the store if we forgot something. Backpack is one activity where you will find no store along the trail. Make sure you plan ahead, so your adventure will be stress free and enjoyable. Below you will find a thorough checklist you should use when getting ready to go out backpacking. First timers and seasoned backpacker should all plan and pack well.


Summer Backpacking Gear Checklist

Don't count pounds... Count ounces...
Needs will vary depending on specifics of your trip and personal preferences.

  •  Backpack

  •  Tent & rain fly

  •  Sleeping bag and sleeping pad or mattress

  •  Water filter or purification tablets

  •  Water bottles

  •  Flashlight - fresh and extra batteries

  •  Candle lantern - optional

  •  Trowel or small shovel for digging cat holes

  •  Pocket or sheath knife

  •  Wildlife resistant food storage container

  •  50' rope and nylon cord

  •  Topographical map and compass

  •  Insect repellent

  •  UV sun block, Lip balm

  •  Toilet paper and plastic bags for packing it out

  •  Biodegradable hand soap

  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste

  •  Small towel

  •  Bandanas

  •  Whistle for emergency

  •  Stuff sacks

  •  Personal medications

  •  Moleskin and Nu-skin

  •  Adhesive tape

  •  First aid supplies

  •  Sewing kit (optional - long trips)

  •  Food - including extra for emergencies

  •  Cooking pots/pans - nesting

  •  Eating utensils - cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon

  •  Cleaning supplies - biodegradable detergent & container, sponge, scouring pad

  •  Waterproof matches in waterproof container

  •  Stove and fuel

  •  Collapsible bucket or water bag

  •  Hat

  •  Poncho or rain gear

  •  Boots

  •  Boot socks (2 pair)

  •  Sock liners (2 pair)

  •  Long pants

  •  Hiking shorts (optional)

  •  Sandals, moccasins or other camp footwear

  •  Light shirt or tee shirt

  •  Warm shirt

  •  Jacket or outerwear (layer clothing)

  •  Other clothing depending on conditions and altitude

  •  Camera and film

  •  Binoculars


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