A Few New Items That Are Must Haves For Camping

A Few New Items That Are Must Haves For Camping

Every year when camping season starts, we take some time to look through our camping gear and assess what we need for the upcoming camping season. Each year we find a few things that make camping easier and more enjoyable. When we head outdoors for our campout this year, we will be sure to have the following items with us! These items all save time on the work part of camping to give us more time for the fun part of camping.

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1. EZ Lite fire starter. This is the best fire starter we have found. I really only take a handful to light a fire. Because it is made of wood chips and food grade paraffin wax it won't harm the outdoors. No one would complain about getting their smores made faster.

2. Brummel Hooks. These wonderful little gadgets has been around for years, and are generally used on boating activities. This new to market design makes it so easy to tighten guy lines and get the slack out of your lines. Direction in package,useful for much more than camping.

ultimate knot alternative for sale.3. Pocket Knot. Watch video of how to use here. This is so light weight it is easy to take on a backpacking trip. It is the easiest to use line tensioner and cord reducer you will find. Now your camp clothes line with stay tight and keep your clothes and towels off the ground.

camping bungee cords for saleadjustable bungee cord made in america for sale4. Adjustable ball bungee or T bar bungee. This is useful for everything from keeping a sleeping bag rolled up to hanging a tarp. 

5. Adjustable straps. Easy to adjust from both end, The dual release buckle allows for easy connecting things to your backpack, holding your folding chairs closed, clipping a water bottle on you belt buckle. Use only end with the end of your creativity. Must have for all RV's, campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

What's new in your camping gear this season? 

Get outdoors and enjoy the adventure!


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