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Cane Buddy - Carrying bag for your cane, walker, crutch. Made in USA

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Proudly Designed and Created by the Founders of Outdoor Socks and Gear!
The Cane Buddy was designed for a family member who had a stroke and needed away to carry things. Since their good hand was on the cane they couldn't carry anything. We have found this is a great for hikers to attach to their trekking sticks as well. Keep you necessary items securely attached to your stick and keep you hands and back free.
  • Easy attach carry bag for ambulatory device such as cane , walker, crutches or wheel chair.
  • Heavy mesh exterior to easily locate contents. Zippers designed for easy use with one hand.
  • Guaranteed to simplify your life. The Cane Buddy will allow you to carry your belongings and still have a free hand.
  • Dimensions 9 inches x 6 inches x 2 inches. To install, simply attached adhesive hook and loop to ambulatory device, attach the matching hook and loop from Cane Buddy, then secure with addition securing hook and loop straps around cane or ambulatory device. This will cause the Cane Buddy to remain secure in one place on your cane.
  • Lifetime Guarantee! Made in USA - Patent Pending

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