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Ski Signature Kids Warm Winter Ski and Snowboard Mitten

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Cold weather is no match for these top of the line winter gloves. Keep your hand comfortable and dry for a great day out in the cold and snow.

  • Featuring Drypel high tech waterproof membrane. Sandwiched between the shell material and the lining. The membrane prevents the water from penetrating the glove, while allowing the moisture in the form of vapor to escape the hand cavity.
  • Zip top of had pocket for hand warmers.
  • Adjustable synch wrist strap.
  • Hooks to hold gloves together
  • Soft lining on thumb to wipe nose.

This is a must have glove for the winter weather. Great for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snow shoveling and walking in the cold. We all know dry hands are the key to staying warm in the cold and the Drypel technology does just that.

Great gift for the the skier and snowboarder.