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No Tie Bungee Shoelaces - 100% American Made

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The only 100% American made no tie shoe laces.  Great for Triathlete , runner, baseball, basketball, people with weak grip, people with disabilities and people with physical limitations.
  • Bungee lace is made of a unique 3 blend nylon, that is durable and won't slip in the clip. No other bungee lace has this amazing blend.
  • Clips have a open end for ventilation and drainage in wet conditions. Keeps laces from remaining wet. Stainless steel spring will not rust.
  • Turns any shoe in to a slip on. Set laces to your desired tension and forget it. No constant adjusting needed.
  • The only 100% American made no tie shoe laces. Each part of this lace is 100% made in America.
  • Great for athletes, no more tripping over untied shoelaces or waisting time tying laces. Great for small children wanting independence but unable to tie their laces. Great for people with disabilities, who have weak grip or just can't tie a shoe lace. Everyone needs these shoelaces!
  • Come with instructions to trim laces if they are too long.

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