Heated Glove Liners - 3 heat levels with rechargeable battery- Great for Raynaud's Syndrome

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These Heated Glove Liners are just what the Doctor Ordered! Originally designed for keeping hands warm when working in the bitter cold or out exercising in the cold; these heated glove liners have now become a favorite for those suffer with Raynaud's Syndrome! 

  • Rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
  • 3 heat level settings
  • up to 8 hour battery life on the low setting
  • once glove are warmed for a few minutes on high power, you will only need to use the low power to keep you warm in very cold temp.
  • Jersey fabric.
  • Wrist zip pouch for the batteries to stay secure.
  • Has a finger pad that is touch screen compatible
  • Thin enough to give you good finger dexterity

Give your hands relief from the cold today! Great gift!