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Pocket Knot Line Tensioner / Cord Reducer Ultimate knot solution - Pack of 4

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Ultimate Knot Alternative, Easy and Adjustable.

We are pleased to introduce….. The Pocket-KnotA straight forward and versatile device that will replace the need for tying and untying knots whenever using Bungee Cords or Regular Cords. This simple devise,  the Pocket-Knot, allows you to use the same mechanical functions, in a wide variety of applications.…it is  the Ultimate- Knot -Alternativeit eliminates forever, the hassle of ever  having  to tie or untie conventional knots….it is the perfect “Go-To” device, for the Outdoorsman or Handyman,  or anyone that may need to Secure, Join, Lock, Adjust, Tension, Tighten, Splice or Reduce something quickly and easily… …without requiring the knowledge of complicated knots. 

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Instructions in package. More detailed instructions on YouTube.